We have our winners! Find out about our COVID-19 Challenge superstars

In April 2020 we launched a global call-out for young changemakers to submit their sustainable business ideas which tackled the Coronavirus pandemic.
After receiving over 1000 entries across over 30 countries for the COVID-19 Challenge, we are proud to present the five AdamStart COVID-19 Challenge winners. You can find out more about them below.
Juliet Namujju

Juliet Namujju

 23, Mpiji, Uganda

Juliet Namujju is the founder and CEO of Kimuli Fashionability. She grew up in poverty as an orphan with a single grandmother in a remote village in Uganda due to the victimization of disability. Her Grandmother was a tailor and inspired her as a child to use cut-offs and plastic waste to produce her own dolls because she could not afford to buy her own toys. What others threw away; Juliet started to see as a resource. After attaining a certificate in fashion and design at the age of 20, Juliet founded Kimuli Fashionability as a sustainable fashion label transforming the waste crisis in Africa into employment opportunities for disabled tailors and to fight for the conservation of the environment.

Julie has been able to present her upcycled fashion in Germany at the at Bildkorrekturren fair fashion conference 2017, she won the Ugandan Ye-Community Award 2018, became a TEEP Fellow, being awarded by Ban-Ki-Moon as the "Global Greenpreneur award winners 2019 in Seoul Korea and Award winner “Best Young Employer of the year (2019) in Uganda. During the Coronavirus outbreak, she has currently launched a successful line of biodegradable African print face masks which include a mouthpiece adaptation to ensure that those who rely on lipreading can communicate and understand others, as current facemask models are extremely restrictive for those who have disabilities. 

Osama Bin Noor

Osama Bin Noor

29, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Osama Bin Noor is a young social entrepreneur from Dhakar, Bangladesh and the co-founder of Youth Opportunities which is a global platform aimed at empowering youth by connecting local youth to their global counterparts, while bringing the opportunity providers closer to the seekers. Youth Opportunities wins National Mobile App Award 2016 from ICT Division, Government of Bangladesh. In 2016, Noor got awarded as Queen’s Young Leader for his social entrepreneur initiative. He has received the award from Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth II at the Buckingham Place.

Noor got enlisted as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur in Asia. Real Leaders magazine has named Osama Bin Noor in their list of 100 Visionary Leaders Under 30. Noor also worked with national and international various organizations to empower youth in the last 10 years. He originally obtained a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree but, because of his passion for making change, has decided to create a programme at Youth Opportunities which will connect young people and their ideas to policymakers to ensure that rural areas of Bangladesh get supported during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Apoorv Shankar

Apoorv Shankar

29, Bangalore, India

Apoorv Shankar is an Engineer turned Product Designer from India who loves building hardware products that are easy to use. He is the Co-Founder of LazyCo, a UX focused Consumer Hardware company awarded by the likes of Alibaba, Qualcomm and Techcrunch for their product that is 7x faster than the smartphone touchscreen at handling daily tasks. He is a Hardware startup mentor, an artist, a tech geek and a speaker on Human Computer Interaction.

He has created the ‘Hand-Key’, an innovative product which is a sliding handheld clamp device which helps you to open doors, push buttons on ATM machines and many other daily tasks, without touching potentially contaminated surfaces. Because its contact surfaces are made out of brass, it decontaminates itself within 4 hours and Apoorv hopes to scale the product globally.

Patrick Sseremba

Patrick Sseremba

23, Kampala, Uganda

Patrick Sseremba is a final year student of bachelor of medicine and dental surgery from Makerere university, in Uganda. He is the founder and CEO of SHCI Lab, a medical startup company that deals in research and prevention of malaria disease and development of latest diagnostic tools. He is the founder of Weekly Medic, a medical startup offering mobile medical and dental services to communities in Uganda.

His project will provide digital on-demand access to healthcare services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patrick is a young advocate for HIV/AIDs under the AFHNI in which he advances biomedical strategy to control the epidemic and improve lives of young people living with HIV. He is a social entrepreneur, a researcher as well as passionate about advocating for health and wellbeing of the underserved population. He is a champion and advocate for vaccination through the Gates foundation, a computer scholar and a public health doctor.

Lavrinenko Dmytrii

Lavrinenko Dmytrii

27, Kiev, Ukraine

Dymtrii is an entrepreneur and non-profit sector worker in Kiev, Ukraine. He says that the Coronavirus outbreak turned his normal life upside down. He says ‘All communication in our team went online, so our usual working meetings for tea, meetings, brainstorming “moved” to messengers and video chats. Such meetings not only help to resolve work issues quickly, but also become moral and mental support. It was extremely important for me to continue my professional activity, to preserve as much as possible the previous communication and to help as much as possible those citizens who became vulnerable with the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.’ He has joined together with friends to create ‘Home Experts Service: Berloga’ which is an online skill sharing and support platform to support those disconnected and finding it difficult to gain access to services during the virus outbreak.

He envisions, for instance, – a teacher from Kharkiv will help a teacher from Lviv to learn online study platforms;

– A house of elderly people from Sumy will announce need of help and children from orphanages in Ternopil will sew protective masks of the material received from an entrepreneur from Nikolaev;

– psychotherapist from Kyiv will provide professional consultations on a public basis to a doctor from Poltava and an entrepreneur from Kherson.

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