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Ensure young entrepreneurs fulfil their potential within an enabling ecosystem and account for the most significant change as a result of economic achievements.


More young people than ever will realise their potential and change the world around them for the betterment of their future.

YUPP.life is a trending movement which brings motivated, inquisitive young people together from different regions and provides opportunities for growth. Designed in full consultation with young people themselves, the platform is open and available globally on the web with the sole aim of making powerful connections, sharing knowledge and learning, providing instant access to opportunities which enable career development and entrepreneurship to flourish.

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Twenty-six years ago more than 30,000 women from 200 countries arrived in Beijing for the World Conference on Women determined to recognize the rights of women and girls as human rights. What started as global women’s movements campaigning for sexual and reproductive health rights, political participation and equal pay, to name a few, expanded to movements organized by and for adolescent girls.

Today, girls’ movements are stopping child marriage, promoting girls’ education, standing up against gender-based violence, demanding action on climate change, tackling issues of selfesteem, and standing up for girls’ rights to enter temples or public spaces during menstruation. Girls are also engaging with municipalities to advocate for financial investments in their communities and for truly inclusive development that recognize their needs. Girls are proving they are unscripted and unstoppable.

AdamStart launched a £500 mini fund to support five young girls with independent, problem-solving ideas and initiatives. The call for applications was spread across multiple opportunities platforms with key female influencers gathered to form an independent judging panel.


AdamStart has spent the last 10 years activating youths and young people for sustainable development, providing them with enabling environments for taking action on global issues and adding to the global Impact metrics. It is fitting then that the brand should participate and be directly involved in the 2020 International Youth Day, an exhibition of youth empowerment and championship that ensures youth voices are heard no matter how large or small or the origin of that voice.

International Youth Day 2020 (IYD2020) “Youth Engagement for Global Action” seeked to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes. The international event will also draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced.

AdamStart featured a global plateau of young entrepreneurs, changemakers, activists, and do-gooders as part of this ceremony and continues to champion youth in all of its work and activity. Young people are our planet’s tomorrow and they embody the future of what this world will become.

Adamstart COVID-19 Challenge

In April 2020 we launched a global call-out for young changemakers to submit their sustainable business ideas which tackled the Coronavirus pandemic.

After receiving over 1000 entries across over 30 countries for the COVID-19 Challenge, we are proud to present the five AdamStart COVID-19 Challenge winners. You can find out more about them below.

Our many years of experience and wide network of partners, ambassadors, and mentors are the main reason for our success.

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